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Large volume window box with a vertical garden is ideal for growing organic vegetables and fruit right on your terrace.

Magnus window box is also an elegant solution for keeping the necessary social distance of restaurant and hotel guests, or visitors to public places.

Magnus Window Box (set)
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Set obsahuje:

Set 80 cm = 1x window box + 1x plant saucer + 1x green wall + 2x castors in a bag (4 castors)

Set 100 cm = 1x window box + 1x plant saucer + 1x green wall + 3x castors in a bag (6 castors)

Magnus Set

The complete Magnus set comprises of 4 individual items - window box, saucer, casters, Green Wall. Available in three colours and two sizes.

Green Wall

Green Wall

Many plants need a support in order to grow vertically. Vertical garden saves space, boosts harvest and looks good.

The set contains a long string and plastic hooks to fix the string to the construction..

Compared to homemade supports, the solid construction guarantees stability thanks to metal stakes firmly fixed to the bottom of the box.

At first, the constraction reaches as high as 60 cm and as the plants grow, it can be extended to 117 cm

Magnus saucer and casters

Magnus saucer and casters

Useful accessory for easy handling.

The casters are prepared for installation. All that is necessary is to insert them in the holes in the saucer, or directly in the box if the saucer is not used.

Packed in a set of two in a plastic bag with graphics and euro hanger.

Use 2 sets (4 pieces) for size 80 cm and 3 sets (6 pieces) for size 100 cm.

ProductLength x width x hight (in cm)Weight ( in kg)
Magnus 80 cm78,5 × 38 × 372380
Magnus 100 cm98 × 38 × 372970
Plant saucer Magnus 80 cm76,5 × 36,5 × 8960
Plant saucer Magnus 100 cm96,5 × 36,5 × 81260
Green Wall 80 cm64 × 25 × 81368
Green Wall 100 cm84,5 × 25 × 81670
Casters4,5 × 5,9 × 3,577