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Ella Twist'n'Roll self-irrigation flower pot

At first sight it may look like an ordinary, even boring flower pot, but it will soon prove you wrong.

Ella Twist'n'Roll flower pot has many advantages compared to other flower pots. It is equipped with casters which help you rotate and move the pot wherever you need.

Smart System ensures that your plants never dry or die of overwatering. This self-irrigation system distributes as much water as is necessary. Finally, you can go on worry-free holiday. The voluminous water tank guarantees enough water for a long time.

You can enjoy this beautiful piece in the comfort of your home and thanks to its optional drainage hole it will also stand out on your balcony or terrace.

Ella Twist'n'Roll
Ella Twist 'n' Roll mat + self-watering system
In stock (16 pc)
CZK  399
Length x width x hight (in cm)Diameter (in cm)Weight ( in kg)
28,5 × 26,5 × 2629732
34,2 × 31 × 30351418
39 × 35 × 35391418
47 × 43 × 43473466